Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday Morning Frost Bites

The Palms Krystal Bar in Port Huron is one of the few places where you can
get chicken gizzards and gravy.

In the time honored dot-dot-dot tradition of the late Bob Talbert of the Detroit Free Press and Larry King’s of USA Today – I now present a few quick takes on things with Frost Bites:

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to winter ending and soon. I know that we here in the Port Huron, Michigan area have not had to deal with an over abundance of snow and the temperatures really haven’t been that bad – but enough is enough already! When you have people posting on FACEBOOK how many days are left until the start of Tiger baseball spring training, you know that there are other people out there who are enjoying this winter just about as much as I am…..When I have an urge for a candy bar – it’s usually a battle between Snickers or Kit Kat….The power of the internet always surprises me. The only reason that I signed up to have Google place ads on my blog was so that I could see if there’s anybody that reads this blog and lo and behold after just five days Google Adsense is telling me that nearly one hundred impressions have been made to this site. One hundred impressions – that tells me that people other than my friends are actually reading this. Incredible.

Is it just me – but is there some real tension on the set of “The View” between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Whoopi Goldberg? Some of the confrontations between the two in the last couple of months have been pretty heated and it looks like Whoopi wants to jump over the table and give this young Republican a “reality adjustment”….Looking for a good burger? The people in my hometown of Flint, Michigan would direct you to a Bill Thomas Halo Burger for one of their Olive burgers or a Halo Supreme. My allegiance to Halo Burger is not as strong as it once ever since I discovered the burger at the Palms Krystal Bar in Port Huron. Who would have thought that the addition of sweet relish along with the usual ketchup and mustard could tip the scales to make this one of the best damn burgers you’ll ever taste. Way to go, Palms!!!.....There are two Beatle songs that can bring a tear to my eye nearly every time that I hear them and I don’t know why. The songs are “In My Life” and The Beatles version of the Motown classic “You Really Got A Hold On Me”.

I have put it off long enough – but I’m going to have to go in soon and get my eyes examined for a new pair of glasses…..When it comes to peanut butter – forget the name brands like Jif, Skippy and Peter Pan – and grab a jab of Kroger’s honey roasted peanut butter off the shelf. It taste great on an English muffin or bagel hot from the toaster or combined with your favorite jelly for a good ole traditional p-b-and j. Not only is this peanut butter delicious – it’s a lot cheaper than the name brand and sometimes Kroger’s has it on sale during one of the 10-for-10 sales…..It’s a toss-up for me when it comes to who’s face on the TV screen will have me reaching for the remote quicker – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi or that dynamic duo in the Senate – John McCain and Joe Lieberman.

You can beat a book for a buck and some of the more entertaining books that I have read recently have only cost me a dollar at a Dollar Tree store. If you ever see me coming out of Dollar Tree store – the odds are pretty good that I was there to see if they have added any new dollar books to their selection…..It’s always amazes me how people want to share their faith in Jesus via their latest e-mail to me. I can accept that the people who send these e-mails are sincere when it comes to their faith – but I find it somewhat weird that they try to get me to believe the same way that they do when they turn their e-mail into a chain letter. The wrath of God and all of his followers will be on my head if I’m not one of the people who send the e-mail off to ten other people – it’s kind of a weird way to share God’s love, isn’t it?….I wish that more places that sell fountain soft drinks had Coke Zero as a drink choice. To me it’s a better tasting diet cola than their Diet Coke and it beats Diet Pepsi…..You can count me in as being one of those people that is looking forward to February when comedian Ellen DeGenerees joins the judges table on Fox’s “American Idol”. Imagine a whole season of “American Idol” without Paula Abdul’s lame ass “that’s pitchy” comments….And if you’re ever near a “Sonic” drive-in restaurant – forget about the burgers, the chicken sandwiches or hot dogs and grab a large order of their onion rings – you’ll thank me for it later.

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