Friday, December 23, 2011

Going To The Dogs With Rachael Ray In My Quest For Free Stuff

(l-r) Teco, me and Tinker

I’m like a lot people out there who enjoys getting free things.  I haven’t fell victim to the online e-mail hoax where people believe that Microsoft will send them a hundred bucks if you just forward a special e-mail to ten people.  The only reason I haven’t fell victim to this is because I know it doesn’t work – if it did I would have exhausted my e-mail address book sending those “please forward this e-mail” message to my friends a long time ago because I like free stuff.

In my quest for free stuff, I signed up for an online service that sends you an e-mail daily with links for all kinds of free stuff.  I have gotten all kinds of free stuff – like samples of all of Nescafe’s instant coffee blends (which were actually pretty tasty), packets of a vitamin C beverage powder, samples of Splenda and lots of other things that I can’t remember right off the top of my head. 

This week, I received a free sample of something that I was actually looking forward to receiving – a sample of one of Rachael Ray’s dog food products that she talks about on her syndicated show.  The product that I received was “Just 6” – from Rachael Ray’s line of Nutrish© brand of super premium food for dogs – and I was looking forward to serving it to my two dogs Tinker and Teco – unfortunately my dogs were that excited about seeing it in their dishes.

You wouldn’t think that dogs would have a discriminating palate – I mean – dogs sniff each other’s ass, lick their own butts and have been known to actually eat their own shit if it smells right to them – that doesn’t sound like they are too discriminating to me.  My dogs can be fussy though.  They love Old Roy’s Kibbles and Chucks from Wal-Mart and both of my dogs will actually eat their favorite kibbles and chucks and leave their least favorite pieces scattered about around their bowls – that’s discriminating.  I have served them Kibbles and Bits from Purina in the past and they’ll eat it – but they have ways of letting me know that they would rather see Old Roy from Wal-Mart in their dishes and not the more expensive blend from Purina.

I was kind of hoping that when I opened up the “Just 6” packet of dog food from Rachael Ray that my dogs would look at this food as something of a treat – I mean Rachael is selling it as a “super premium” dog food (and, I’m assuming, at a super premium price, too).  The first dog to “experience” Rachael Ray’s dog food was Tinker and her first response once the aroma of the food hit her nose was to rub her nose all around her bowl as if she was burying it and hoping that it would go away. 

When I put a bowl of “Just 6” under Teco’s nose – his first inclination was to back off from it like it was offensive to his sensitive nose (a nose that has never been offended when he’s gotten under the covers when I go to bed at night and have let loose a good ole stinky ass Dutch oven fart). 

Hey Rachael Ray – I appreciate the free dog food – but my dogs think it sucks….but if you’re interested in sending out some more free stuff – I wouldn’t mind a set of your cookware and knifes.  I promise that I won’t bury it in the backyard and I’ll let everyone know how great it is – not only because your products are great – but I like free stuff.