Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let's Talk TV: American Idol, Celebrity Apprentice and Larry King???

It’s been awhile since I have written anything – so, I thought that I might as well get off my fat ass and talk about one of my favorite subjects – TV!

American Idol

I was really looking forward to this season of “American Idol” for two reasons: 1) Ellen DeGeneres and 2) Paula Abdul was no longer was going to be on the show. I really thought that Ellen would boost the entertainment factor of the program with some of her comments – but she’s as bad as Paula when it comes to not wanting to hurt the performer’s feelings. When Paula Abdul was on the show, we could at least tune in to see if she was going to say anything coherent or if she was going to fall asleep on Simon’s shoulder from some prescription med bender the night before. Now, we have Ellen – America’s favorite Gay next door in the Idol judging seat and I feel like calling Dick Cheney to see if he’d send someone to water board me just so that I can stay awake though the whole show.

C’mon Ellen, do us all a favor and admit to everyone in the free world and those who might just give a damn that this year’s batch of Idols suck. I really can’t see very many of this year’s batch of Idols really ever having a career in music – with the exception of Bowersox with her Melissa Etheridge voice and Big Mike – the rest of the Idol tryouts might want to check out a career as a bun warmer at the Pinks hot dog stand in Los Angeles – because I really don’t see too many of them recording music that might actually made it on the radio. I mean, I have seen folk singers excite a crowd more than the American Idol 12 have so far this season and when that happens you know that things aren’t good in the world of Idol.

Celebrity Apprentice

Another season of “Celebrity Apprentice”, or as I like to look at it as, “The Return of the Comb Over Boardroom”, begins tonight (March 14, 9pm, NBC). If the promos are any indication of what this season of Apprentice is going to look like – then NBC has a winner on their hands.

You can’t lose when you have people like Sharon Osborne and Cyndi “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” Lauper trying to win money for their favorite charities while vying for the title of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Both Osborne and Lauper can be pretty intense when they set their minds to it and the rest of the cast of this year’s CA aren’t anything to sneeze at either. Talk on the blogs are saying that comedian Sinbad is going to surprise everyone on how tough he can be when it comes to trying to win the approval of The Donald. Keep a close eye on comedian Carol Leifer, too. Leifer, who was one of the writers on Seinfeld and is supposedly the person that character of Ellen was based on, is playing Celebrity Apprentice to win it!

Join Me In My Campaign To Find A Nice (Rest) Home for Larry King

What is it going to take for CNN to finally wise up and let Larry King stay home and collect his social security checks? CNN’s ratings have been taking a deeper and deeper toilet swirl and they aren’t going to improve as long as they keep King on the air. When Fox News has Sean Sanity ranting about Obama Care and what he perceives as Obama’s socialist agenda and MSNBC has Rachel Maddow putting her progressive spin on the news and making some sense of all of the madness in Washington, what is King doing on CNN? He’s holding a panel discussion on the overdose death of Corey Haim (a child actor who wasn’t relevant before he died and is even less relevant as he joins Michael Jackson in taking the perpetual dirt nap). Larry King was once a force to be reckon with on radio and television – but those days are long over – and the only thing holds him and his pants up are his suspenders.

That’s about it for now – and I hope that you didn’t forget to set your clocks forward an hour on Sunday night – you don’t want to miss anything that might be good on TV.

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