Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Late Night TV

I'm sure that you heard the news that David Letterman was being extorted for some $2 million by a CBS news producer -- it's been in all of the papers -- and there have even been a few people joking about Dave's situation (except for the ladies on "The View") and it kind of makes you wonder what Johnny would have done. Naturally, I'm talking about the original king of late night TV -- Johnny Carson.

Much like Letterman has been doing since he made the announcement that he was being extorted and his life has been turned upside down, I think Johnny Carson would have put a humorous spin on the situation just like Letterman has done. I mean, how many times did we get a chuckle or two from Johnny's numerous divorces and talk of alimony payments? It's got to hurt like hell to have the steamy side of your life played out in the public eye -- but if your job is to make people laugh at other people's goofs and missteps -- you've got "man-up" and make the jokes about yourself.

As of this writing -- it should be noted who hasn't made any jokes about Letterman. Amazingly -- Comedy Central's titans of fake news and views -- Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert have made no mention of David Letterman's problems. Jimmy Kimmel has remained silent, too. Conan O'Brian (who is being beaten in the ratings by Letterman) hasn't made any comment on his show -- even when one of his guests (Drew Carey) made some mention of the Letterman situation. I truly feel that had this happened to some other talk show host -- those silent comics would have been joking and dropping the jokes like napalm bombs -- but Dave, like Carson, is a television icon and pioneer and the way I see it -- it's kind of hard to throw dirt on your heroes.

Hang in there, Dave.

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